‘Chasing Furrows: The sacred boundary of Roman Lincoln’

Join Antony Lee for an archaeological Lunchtime Lecture

The 'pomerium' was the sacred boundary that surrounded Rome, a spiritual border that separated the heart of the Roman Empire from the outside world and that was believed to date back to Romulus himself.  Roman historians tell us that similar sacred boundaries were established at Roman Colonies across the Empire, but what evidence do we have of this in practice?  This lecture will explore the nature of the 'pomerium' at Rome and literary and archaeological evidence for similar boundaries in the western empire. It will examine the possibility that such a boundary was established at Lindum Colonia and explore the potential impact of it on the daily lives of the town's residents.

Antony Lee is the Collections Access Officer (archaeology) at The Collection.

This talk is part of our ongoing 'Lunchtime Lectures' series. It will be held in the auditorium at The Collection, starting at 12.30 and lasting for approximately 30 minutes.

Tickets cost £3 per person, available from the museum reception desk.