A response to Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition

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 by Will Mason  | Category: Exhibition 

Maureen Sutton has created a poetic response to just one small section of the Great Exhibition. "This is surely one the most exciting exhibitions that the Collection Museum have displayed...I will need to attend at least three or four times to take it all in, there is so much to look at..."


I want to connect with your spirit,
place my feet upon your snow shoes
imagine each determined step,
hear the ghostly echo of your footfall,
inhale scented remains of  leather boots.

I want to place my hand inside
your left-hand mitten,
touch its black baize cuff
feel the softness of red silk edging,
recover the warmth of your hand.

I want to read your watch and compass,
follow and time your route, count wild stars,
listen to the bull-seal’s roar, return to the
North West passage where the Intuits
in skin canoes found the way through.  

In this alien landscape howling gales
have sculptured ice and snow, forged
icebergs, opened and closed frozen waste. 
I want to build you a cairn on the shoreline, 
admire your courage, recall Lincolnshire.

Maureen Sutton


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