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The Collection, Lincoln, National Centre for Craft & Design, Sleaford

The Residency

National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD), The Collection and Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV)/Paul Hamlyn Young People’s Programme wish to jointly commission an artist or artists group to undertake a residency at NCCD and The Collection over 6 months from October 2013 – March 2014.
The residency will result in the artist creating a new piece of work for the consortium in response to a series of workshops, run by the artist, with young people from the county.
The work produced and workshops must:

• Relate to or involve the written word.
• Explore and reflect the voice of the young people and their response to culture/creativity within the county.
• Encourage the young people to create their own artworks/diaries/blogs to express their experiences.
• The final work will be exhibited at NCCD and The Collection and/or a site chosen by the artists (depending on the form the final work takes).

The artist would be required to document the workshops and creative development process online via a blog – using text, video etc. as well as social media – linked to the venue websites and LOV website.

The young people will be recruited via partnerships with Colleges (graphic design/painting and decorating courses), Youth Groups and/or young carers in Sleaford, for workshops and will be in place when the artists takes up the post.
The residency will include:

Artist Fee (25 days @ £150 incl. Expenses)                 £3750  
Materials                                                                        £1000
Additional workshop artists (up to 4 artists @ £250)     £1000  
Travel/Refreshments for YP                                          £750  
Contingency/Evaluation & Documentation                    £500       
Total                                                                              £7000 



• Commission an artist(s) to make new work for Lincolnshire One Venues. The Collection, Lincoln and National Centre for Art and Design.
• For an artist or artists to work with and respond to two groups of young people.  From these experiences to create a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent commission for the venues.
• For an artist or artists to carry out an education programme during their residency with children, young people and/or families.
• Give young people the opportunity to work with artists – to inspire and teach new skills and increase their understanding of the creative/cultural offer in Lincolnshire.
• Bring young people in to NCCD and The Collection.
• Present a new way of working and a collaborative way of working.
• Engage audiences digitally.


Background Information

NCCD, Sleaford
Previously known as The Hub, the NCCD was established as a centre for craft, design and making in October 2003. It was seen as playing a significant district, sub regional and regional role in creating economic, social and fiscal value. It was initially not really seen as a national resource but as a more sophisticated tourism attraction than its predecessor – ‘The Pea Room’ in Heckington. Between 2003 and 2005 the Hub had already developed a strong reputation within the national museum and gallery sector - particularly those orientated within craft and design. In 2005 a development in policy and direction led to the Hub being cast as a national resource. ACE happily agreed to the new title The Hub: National Centre for Craft & Design. In 2010 the Hub was dropped, and the gallery became known as The National Centre for Craft and Design.  This change aligned with the new National Portfolio Organisation status agreed with Arts Council England and the continued funding for three years that this offered (2012-2015). The NCCD is not a traditional museum or gallery: there is no permanent collection to base exhibitions around. The exhibition programme focuses primarily on contemporary work created in the last 20 years; other older work can however be incorporated to provide a context for the exhibition.

The Collection, Lincoln 
The Collection is Lincolnshire’s museum for art and archaeology, housed in two adjacent buildings in the heart of historic Lincoln. The archaeology collections are displayed in a new purpose built museum that opened in 2005.The museum and the adjoining Usher Gallery joined together to form The Collection. The Usher Gallery is Lincolnshire’s premier art gallery, officially opened in 1927 following a bequest to the City by Lincoln jeweller James Ward Usher. The Usher Gallery combines displays from its permanent collections of fine arts, decorative arts and horology, enhanced by loans of acclaimed works from national collections, with a vibrant programme of temporary exhibitions. The Collection has an innovative contemporary art programme supported by Arts Council England. Lincoln’s archaeology museum and the Usher Gallery are operated by Lincolnshire County Council in partnership with the City of Lincoln Council, the Arts Council England. The Collection welcomes 120,000 visitors a year to its galleries. 

Application Process

If you wish to be considered for this opportunity, due to launch in October/November, please supply:
• A current CV including artist work and any educational or work shop experience, no more than 2 sides of A4, to include two referee details.
• A proposal for how you would approach the project  including why you are interested in this opportunity, no more than two sides of A4.
• Up to 8 images (jpeg, no more than 2mb each) or up to 5 minutes of film work or 8 examples of written work (totaling no more than 6 A4 sheets),


Deadline – Please send your submissions, to reach us by 9am on Sunday the 1st September.
Residency will start from October/November.
Workshops run with young people between November 2013 – March 2014.
Final work to be completed by April 2014.
Work displayed from June 2014.

Application Information

Please send your application by email to:
Please include 'LOV residency' in the subject line of the email.


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