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This page shows all of the exhibitions and events we have planned for the future. We are planning exciting new activities all of the time, so be sure to keep checking back for new additions to our calendar.

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Canopic Jar Clay Workshops

Join us to make your own Ancient Egyptian inspired canopic jar from clay. Canopic jars were used to store the body parts removed during mummification, but don’t worry – yours can be used for storing less gruesome items! Read more…

Watercolour Workshops

This suite of workshops is inspired by the Usher Gallery's current exhibition David Remfry: A Moment Captured, led by artist and Usher Gallery life drawing tutor, Medina Hammad Read more…

Author talk and signing: Sharon Bennett Connolly

Sharon Bennett Connolly uncovers the life of Nicholaa de la Haye, a woman instrumental to Norman and Plantagenet England. She shaped some of the most significant events in English medieval history. Nicholaa was appointed the first female Sheriff in England by King John, hours before his death in October 1216. Read more…

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