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Welcome to the upload page for Opem 2 entrants only. Follow the instructions to upload up to two images per artist. Opem 2 is the second biennial open exhibition for artists working in the East Midlands and North and North East Lincolnshire.

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Sand Bag Marker, a memorial to ruined archaeology
Kwode Archive 2012
Three Hundred And Sixty Five Times One Point Five Equals Eight Thousand One Hundred And Ten
Under the Pier
Sunflower (in 30)
Beach Huts
Stories Connected in Series (1of 5 in the series)
Hollow Landscape
Identity Unknown
Identity Unknown
Winter Trees with Crows
Yuki beside Lake in Winter
In My Garden
Blueprint for No Tomorrow
Self Portrait with Morten Harket, 2011
A Lot can Happen in 50 years
Sons of Grim
H.G Wells
Toy X
Je suis l’espace où je suis
Je suis l’espace où je suis
Galloping, 2012
Hunted in the Snow, 2012
Object, Space, Void
Object Lesson
Magpies Squirrels and Thieves
Jemima ( part of Six sisters )
Souls of the Diaspora
Souls of the Diaspora
Love Smack
Tattoo Girl 2
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Submerged Silence
The Newly Formed Leaves Whisper Against the Warm Breeze
So, What Would You Call This Piece?
Your Now
Trace I
Black Dog
Psalter 1
Psalter 2
Psalter 3
A Negative Reflection
Anthony Currell
Self Portrait
Particulate Matter, video still
Untitled (beach scene)
Untitled (leader)
Untitled (form with cork loop)
Hiding Figure 2
Blue Road 1
Blue Road 2
The Majestic School of Art
Hiller Artspace
Raspberry Melt With A Hint Of Lime (saturated)
This is Jodie getting ready, she has to do this herself.
Raspberry Melt With A Hint Of Lime (saturated)
Taboo Series (Milk in its time)
White February
Inside and Out
Cage (Ne 10)
NoGo One
NoGo Two
Bark Study
Chair Frame
Redundant Lamp II