On display at The Collection from 30th January 2015 to 10th May 2015, Viewpoints was a cross-historical exhibition showing art from prehistory to today. This exhibition aimed to present a wide and inclusive view of art and ask the viewer the 'big questions', for example, what they think makes an art work, how it works and why we make art. The most important part of this exhibition was the response from the gallery visitor. To encourage people to feedback on the exhibition, we provided space for visitors to write their own interpretative labels; we filmed interviews with gallery staff, members of the public, and academics talking about their opinion of art; we provided questionnaires with space for people to answer the 'big questions' and tell us what they thought about the exhibition. We also commissioned an essay from academic Karen Schloss, Professor in Visual Perception and Cognitive Studies, to provide an alternative perspective. All labels and essays are available online. The exhibition included work by artists Peter de Wint, Lucien Freud, Yves Klein, Jack Vettriano, L.S. Lowry and Jeremy Deller. In reponse to the exhibition and as part of his wider practice, artist in residence Joshua Lockwood, developed a new body of work that culminated in a publication and performance. One of the fascinating public responses to the exhibition can be seen here, on this blog:


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