A Focus For Memory

20 Oct 2012 - 13 Jan 2013

An exhibition by Tim Davies, Paul Graham and Michael Sanders.


The artists in this show explore the idea of public remembering, how and why communities remember conflicts, and how that remembering is articulated in the present.This exhibition aims to question and explore the meaning of the Memorial in today’s society.

The artists in this show break down the normal view of the memorial and present us with images, ideas and rituals that can all be said to function as a focus for memory.This ranges from representations and investigations into the passing of time during a memorial act to photographs of the traces of conflict and producing memorials for attacks against cultural histories.

These artists remind us that along with human life, war destroys our sense of place, cultural heritage and much more.


20 October - 13 January (10-4pm)

Usher Gallery  Entry: FREE