Anglo-Saxon Autopsy

A chance to find out what the early Anglo-Saxons buried with their dead (and possibly why).

 An interactive talk suitable for adults, but fun for all ages with real and replica artefacts.

Early Anglo-Saxon settlers in England often buried their dead with 'stuff', objects like weapons, tools, jewellery and combs. Nobody is quite sure why they did this. In this interactive workshop we will be looking at what objects were buried with both men and women, what the objects were used for and why they were buried with the dead.

The workshop is led by Dr Erik Grigg, our Learning Officer and an expert on Anglo-Saxons.

There will be a chance to handle real and replica artefacts as well as guess what objects survive in the ground and which ones decay.

This workshops (which has been run on event days and as part of our school programme) is hugely popular and very engaging. Everyone, from experts to novices, adults to kids, will enjoy learning about a very murky part of England's history. And it isn't too scary, honest!

It starts at 12.30 and is £3 per head. And yes, you can pay on the day.