Breath Control : Notes by Caroline Wright

27 Sep 2017 - 18 Oct 2017

Breath Control : Notes by artist Caroline Wright, the latest piece of work to be played on the unique multi-channeled permanent soundwall.

27th September – 18th October


The soundscape will be played every day at 10.15am, 2.30pm and 3.00pm in the Collections Orientation Hall on the soundwall.

Breath Control: Notes is a collection of over 150 single notes sung by members of the public and gifted to the project. Each note is sung from one single breath only, and as a collection, they represent all the differences and similarities of people and what it is to be human. The notes were predominantly collected at Somerset House London as part of a weekend exhibition called Space to Breathe that was staged by Shrinking Space and Cape Farewell to raise awareness of air pollution in London and beyond. Each person who gifted a note was asked to complete a questionnaire asking them their age, place of work and where they live, and a personal rating of their breathing health. The collecting of notes is ongoing.

The piece, Breath Control: Notes is part of a larger project called Breath Control that comprises of live performances, audio and interactive installations. Breath Control is a seminal project about the inhalations and exhalations that form the melody, rhythm and punctuation of our everyday existence. Although breathing is universal, it is personal. It is a sustaining action that can be both conscious and subconscious, completely taken for granted and the sole focus of life itself.

Breath Control is supported by Cambridge Junction and subsidised through public funding through an Arts Council England National Lottery grant with additional in-kind support from Life of Breath, Bristol. Breath Control is produced by Artsadmin.

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