Eclipse Chasers

'Eclipse Chasers – The Great American Eclipse, 2017’, is a series of photographs by documentary photographer Keith James.

On the 21st of August 2017, America experienced a total solar eclipse that crossed the entire country from west to east coast. In the coastal town of Newport, Oregon, (one of the first places to experience landfall totality), observers and amateur astronomers; equipped with protective eyewear, shielded binoculars and telescopes, gathered around the Yaquina Bay Bridge to witness a spectacular solar event.

At 10.15am (local time), the people of Newport, Oregon experienced over 90 seconds of totality during the celestial coincidence.

This exhibition, on show in the Courtyard Gallery from 2 March - 28 April, runs alongside Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram at The Collection. Eclipse Chasers will be accompanied by two events, a Night Photography Workshop and an Artists' Talk.

More details of events coming soon.