Europarc: Marc Renshaw

27 Feb 2016 - 27 Mar 2016

This project focuses on the inspiration provided by a large business park near Grimsby, using various artistic angles to bring the park to life.

Exhibition Information:
Exhibition dates- 27 February- 27 March
Opening times- daily 10am- 4pm
Free entry

I indicate left off the A180 and then right to nowhere. I glide around Europarc Way roundabout - progressing along Lakeside. The sun momentarily catches the rainbow in the fountain mist. I continue my journey past the former Kerry factory, Daniels Food factory and Autotrail. I indicate left and pull over.

Time is suspended on Genesis Way.

I observe the birds sitting on the roof of Haith's Bird Food factory. Melancholy and europhoria intersect. Vacation. Intermission. A europarc bus pauses outside The Innovation Centre. I stall for a while and gaze at the subsiding tarmac.


Marc Renshaw has a long-established interest in non-places and transitional zones which include motorway services, airports and business parks. The artist's local research point is europarc - the flagship business park of North East Lincolnshire and its surrounding environs.


12 March 2016- 10am to 12pm & 1pm to 3pm
Drop in day of reading and reflecting
For more information about the exhibition or the artist, vist Marc Renshaw's website here.