Festival of Archaeology 2021

Exploring Local Places

We are very excited to launch our Festival of Archaeology 2021. This year we invite you to Explore Local Places to discover the stories, sites and people that make our Lincolnshire local communities so very special.

Our festival includes stories from across the county brought to you by film, live lunchtime talks at the museum, displays of local projects and collaborators and tours that you can take part in.

We are launching two fantastic digital projects - a virtual guided tour of Lindum Colonia (Roman Lincoln) and our new Virtual Immersive Environment scan of our main gallery!

For the full festival schedule, including both free and ticketed events, please visit this page.


Our Festival is part of the British Council of Archaeology Exploring Local Places theme and more details can be found here.

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Don't miss out - book tickets now for the following events at The Collection Museum:

Monday 19th July, 12 noon - 1pm

The Archaeology of the Friendly Invasion by Dr Derwin Gregory

By undertaking archaeological excavations of sites associated with the United States Army Air Force during the Second World War, it is possible to determine what the Americans ate and drank, what illnesses they were treated for and what products they used in their everyday lives. In this talk, Dr Derwin Gregory, Programme Leader for Archaeology and Heritage, Bishop Grosseteste University, will explore the results of one small excavation and what this can tell us about the Americans serving in East Anglia.

Dr Derwin Gregory specialises in post-medieval landscapes and modern conflict archaeology. He has undertaken research projects on the archaeology of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and the United States Army Air Force (USAAF). Following excavations at a Second World War airfield, during which he uncovered evidence of personal acts of memorialisation, he has become particularly interested in the link between material culture and wellbeing within the armed forces.

(The university are also hosting a lecture for the Festival of Archaeology on 31st July 7pm by Dr Alan Malpass called 'Masterclass:'Barbed-Wire County' – Prisoner of War camps in Lincolnshire (1939-48)'. Find out more here.)

Ticket price - £5




Thursday 22nd July, 12 noon - 1pm

Exploring Farndon Fields - 14000 years ago by John Miller

Farndon fields near Newark on Trent is an internationally important open air Late Upper Palaeolithic site. John has been involved with investigating, recording, and interpreting the archaeology from this site from firstly in F.A.R.I. {Farndon Archaeology Research Investigation) then Ice Age Journeys from its inception. This talk will explain how we investigated the site, its latest finds, and what it tells us about this littleknown period 14,000 years ago.

John Miller has been a member of F.A.R.I. for 17 years and a popular contributor to The Collection Museum's archaeology festivals in recent years. He is also a founder member of the Ice Age Journey helping to set up the Heritage Lottery funded project, which seeks to promote and recruit specialist skills to maintain the integrity of the work carried out. There was and is an urgent necessity to investigate due to deterioration of the archaeology with the new A46 running through the site and the new southern link road anticipated. John is also a trustee of the charity Ice Age Insights which promotes the investigation of Paleolithic archaeology and geology in the East Midlands. He will update us on the site developments and give an insight into the work of the group as we Explore local places.

Ticket price - £5




Monday 26th July, 12 noon - 1pm

Hidden Lindum Colonia - Take a Tour with Peter Lorimer

Peter's talk will take you behind the scenes of the development of his amazing Lindum Colonia digital tour. This tour will be released during our festival and is part of Peter's Historic England project. We are so excited that he will guide us through the Roman city of Lincoln from the collection Museum uphill. He will explore what he uncovered about life in Roman times and explain the digital processes involved in bringing this local historic environment to life.

Peter Lorimer is co-founder of Pighill Archaeological Illustration with his wife Ros. They provide interpretation artwork, graphics and illustration services for the archaeological and heritage sectors. Their work can be seen in museums and heritage sites across the UK and Europe including Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall, and Dartmoor National Park. Their latest project was funded by Historic England, as part of their Resilience Grants programme.

Ticket price - £5




Thursday 29th July, 12 noon - 1pm

Laura Wilson in Conversation with Tom Lane

During this event you will meet artist Laura Wilson, hear her talk about her research into briquetage and new commission, Old Salt. Laura will be joined by Tom Lane, archaeologist and specialist in the subject of salt in Lincolnshire, who helped her along the way.
Laura Wilson (b. Belfast, Northern Ireland, lives & works in London) is interested in how history is carried and evolved through everyday materials, trades and craftsmanship. She works with specialists to develop sculptural and performative works that amplify the relationship between materiality, memory and tacit knowledge.
Laura’s interdisciplinary and research-based works have been exhibited widely including at: 5th Istanbul Design Biennial; Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich (2020); Nicoletti Contemporary, London; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Bloomsbury Theatre, London (2019); The British Museum, London with Block Universe; Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge; The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London (2018); Hull and East Riding Museum with Invisible Dust for Hull City of Culture (2017); Delfina Foundation (2016 & 17) RIBA, London; & Site Gallery, Sheffield (2016). She has been awarded the inaugural Jerwood New Work Fund and the Dover Art Prize 2021.

Ticket price - £5




Free events at The Collection Museum:

Friday 23 July 2021, 11am and 2pm. Free. Book tickets here.

Prehistoric Lincolnshire - Exploring the Finds and Landscape

A look at the physical remains and a talk that looks at the landscape and areas we can see and explore today that links to these artefacts


Sunday 25 July 2021, 11am and 2pm. Free. Book tickets here.

Roman Lincoln - Exploring the world around us through physical remains, art and the virtual world

A delve into the Roman section of the gallery, with specific mention of the legion, townhouse and water pipes, then a talk that looks at how we can explore what's left using art, the physical remains and the virtual options (focussing on the game Assassins Creed: Valhalla).


Friday 30 July 2021, 11am and 2pm. Free. Book tickets here.

Early Medieval Lincoln - Exploring the finds and the surrounding area

Explore the early medieval displays in the gallery followed by a talk about what we can see in our local area, both through art, digital / virtual (focussing on digital options such as google earth and Assassins Creed : Valhalla).


Sunday 1 August 2021, 11am and 2pm, Free. Book tickets here.

1066 and Later Medieval, Exploring the Finds and Landscape

Linking the archaeology in the gallery to a review of sites around the county that have standing or visible remains. This talk will explore evidence from across Lincolnshire as week as digital media interpretations to enthuse you to Explore your local place!