Guided Tours

16 Feb 2020

It's Under Your Feet! The fascinating story of Lincoln

An exciting programme of guided tours offering the chance to discover Lincoln's history; from when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and to the 1400's, one Sunday each month you will be introduced to some fascinating facts and have the opportunity to handle real and replica artefacts.


Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm
Cost: Adult £4, Concession/child £3, booking advisable.

Maximum 16 people per tour, suitable from age 5 upwards.

Age of Dinosaurs (16 February)
Did you know approximately 170 million years ago Lincoln was under the sea? It was teeming with ancient swimming reptiles and other diverse creatures, of which some fossilised remains can be seen today in The Collection museum. During this tour you will come ‘face to face’ with our resident Plesiosaur ‘Percy’ and have an opportunity to handle a selection of our fossils which are not usually on public display.

Prehistoric Past (8 March)
Encompassing various Ice Ages and Interglacial periods, everything from Woolly Mammoths to horses and hippos wandered the land around Lincoln. In this tour you will discover some of the evidence left from these animals, including tools and pottery from the earliest people that hunted them and who foraged the land around Lincoln. You will also handle a few of the pieces from our collection.

Living with the Corieltauvi (19 April)
How different was life for the ancient Britons/Celts compared to ours? During this tour you will discover fascinating facts on how the local tribe – the Corieltauvi -   lived and worked on the rich agricultural land around Brayford pool and the river Witham. There will also be an opportunity to handle real and replica objects.

Roman Invasion! (10 May)
One of the more famous legions, the 9th Legion Hispania, whose legends continue to this day, reached Lincoln about three years after the main invasion in 43 AD (CE). Based here for a few decades before redeployment in the north to establish what is now York, they built the foundations of the future city of Lincoln. On this tour you will discover evidence of one of the soldiers of the 9th, as well as handle some real and replica objects.

A (Roman) City is born (21 June)
After last legion (2nd Adiutrix) left, Lincoln was granted the high status of a Colonia, where retired legionary veterans could settle. The Collection museum is built on top of a Roman town house, where one of the largest mosaics was unearthed during the museum’s construction. In this tour you will walk above a part of this mosaic floor, investigate the evidence left from this once thriving city’s population and have the opportunity to handle real and replica objects.

Anglo-Saxon Settlement (12 July)
1600 years ago the Roman Empire was in decline, and the once grand town of Lindum Colonia fell into ruin. Yet despite this, the area attracted a new set of people – the Anglo- Saxons – and the story of Lincoln continued. During this tour you will come face to face with an Anglo-Saxon lady, discover some of the evidence left such as intricate jewellery and the remains of weapons of war, and have the opportunity to handle some real and replica objects.

Vikings: From Raiders to Traders (23 August)
From 865 AD (CE) The Great Heathen Army rampaged and burned across the lands of East Anglia, Northumbria and Mercia, taking with them jewels, gold, livestock and slaves. Or so the Anglo – Saxon Chronicle tells us. We know, through recent archaeological digs, that this army wintered at Torksey near Lincoln. We also have evidence of their later presence in Lincoln itself, from the many items discovered here. This tour will show you some of this evidence, as well as the chance to handle real and replica objects.

‘Interesting Times – shining a light on the ‘Dark Ages’ (13 September)
Traditionally in Britain, the period from the withdrawal of the Romans (about the mid 400’s) to the Battle of Hastings in 1066 was known as the ‘Dark Ages’. Through extensive research and many archaeological excavations (some currently still in progress), we now have a better understanding of this interesting and tumultuous period of our history, when Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans were vying to rule and the effect it had on Lincoln and the county. This tour will highlight this period of change and includes handling real and replica objects.

Norman Conquest and Castle (25 October)
The Battle of Hastings in 1066 was one of the pivotal moments in English history. As soon as William was crowned king, he began an extensive building programme of castles on land taken from the Anglo- Saxons and Anglo-Danes. Lincoln Castle was established in1068 AD (CE) as a seat of royal power. The ‘Harrying of the North’ on 1069 – 70 AD (CE) by William the Conqueror was responsible for the destruction of many villages surrounding Lincoln, which led to unrest and dissent. One man, Hereward the Wake, led a red a rebellion against the Norman oppressors.This tour will provide a snapshot of this time through some of the artefacts we have in the museum and includes handling real and replica objects.

Pawns, Bishops and Kings of medieval Lincoln (15 November)
The period of the late 1070’s – 1300 AD (CE) was mainly one of expansion and population growth, especially in Lincoln. To oversee such a large population, Lincoln Cathedral was founded in 1072 by Bishop Remigius. During this tour you will discover the inhabitants of medieval Lincoln, from its working population and to its Bishops and Kings. There will also be a chance to handle real and replica objects.

Lincoln at its Greatest – Roman, Viking and Medieval Centre of Trade (6 December)
Throughout Lincoln’s long history it has had periods of prosperity and difficulties; three of the most successful times were during the Roman, Viking and Medieval settlements, when they were at the epicentre of local, national and international trade. This tour will highlight these key times of affluence, with the opportunity to handle real and replica objects.