How far could the Romans see?

14 Jun 2019

Join Kathryn Murphy for a lunchtime lecture

On Friday 14th June The Collection join Kathryn Murphy for a lunchtime lecture entitled How Far Could the Romans See? Visibility Analysis of Rubers Law, Scottish Borders

Time 12 Noon. Duration approximately 30 minutes.

Cost £3.50 per head (pay at the reception desk of The Collection)

Kathryn Murphy is the Historic Environment Records Assistant at Lincolnshire County Council.

Rubers Law is a prominent hill in the Scottish Borders with an extensive archaeological history. The discovery of approximately thirty Roman building stones on the summit in the early 20th century suggests it was a Roman signal station. This talk will discuss the use of various Geographic Information Science (GIS) and visibility analysis methods to determine whether Rubers Law fits into the known Roman communication and infrastructure network of towers, forts, and roadways in southern Scotland. This will be a fascinating talk demonstrating how modern technology can uncover the secrets of the past.