Investigate Learning - Dinosaur Encounter Fun Days

30 Jul 2019

Four exciting Fun Days at The Collection linked to Dinosaur Encounter - a thrilling exhibition from London's Natual History Museum.

*Please note, workshop age minimum is 5+ years.


Tuesday 30 July  - Dino Explorers
Join in the Dino fun by taking part in a dig and learn how to be a palaeontologist.

Running with Dinosaurs workshops are taking place at:
11 am, 1 pm, 2.30 pm


Tuesday 6 August - Cretaceous Park Adventures 
Explore the world of Cretaceous period and find out about Lincolnshire at that time.

Tuesday 13 August - Funky Fossils 
Get your hands on some fossils, explore the collections and design your won funky creations.

Tuesday 20 August - Dino Doodle 
Dino creative art adventures featuring Big Dino Art!

Workshops - £3
Crafts - £2
Fossil Handling - FREE