Jake Moore, Future Body

Jake Moore presents multiple art works that play with the line between the body and the digital world.

The Collection presents Future Body, a solo exhibition by Jake Moore.

23rd September - 22nd October
Opening Celebration: 6pm - 8pm Friday 22nd September

Jake Moore presents five large-scale audiovisual installations that consider the inadequacy of the human form in the face of our increasingly ubiquitous technological climate.

Consuming and consumed by an information stream, he is interested in our immersive relationship with screens and in the slippage between the virtual and the real. Jake questions at what point the line between the body and digital code might begin to dissolve and, in a quest for a machine-like perfection, what further potential could be provided to a newly synthesised body.

Jake’s research centres on his relationship with a body that holds a rare, chronic autoimmune condition. Video, sound and computer animation are employed as methods of reconstructing the lived traumas of the body within controlled simulations that the audience are invited to be guided through.