Lincoln Summer Art School

24 Jul 2017 - 28 Jul 2017

LOV are running an annual, week long workshop for young people aged 16-19, Lincoln Summer Art School which is commissioned by us.

Lincolnshire One Venues is pleased to announce we will be running the Lincoln Art Summer School, an annual, week long workshop for young people aged 16-19 commissioned by The Collection and supported by Lincolnshire One Venues.

This year it’s all about pushing the boundaries of what art can be through SOUND as art, experimental PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM, DRAWING, and SCULPTURE offering participants the chance to view their surroundings in a different and creative way, exploring sites and discovering new and unique ways of extracting data from different environments and turning it into art works.

Collaborating and working alongside local artists, the week entitled Star City, will also offer opportunities to explore curation and ownership of The Courtyard Gallery at The Collection. Using sci-fi as the overall theme to create and abstract Lincoln as Star City, participants will cast Lincoln in a completely different light presenting the work they have produced culminating in a summer long exhibition of the work created, Invisible Cities is a multi-sited, multi-disciplinary exploration, inspiring young people to document their experience of the everyday.


This year, the summer school will run from: Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July 2017 at The Collection from 10:00-16:00, with a private view for parents and teachers from 12pm on Saturday 29th July.


The workshops will be facilitated by Ross Oliver, Nick Simpson, and Rob Britt from the Lincoln art collective General Practice. With an emphasis on a fluid and experimental approach, gP encourages a diverse range of artistic practices that are developed collectively; all these artists run workshops within the county and regularly exhibit their work.


This is a chance for young people aged 16-19 with an interest and talent for art in all forms to expand their practice and broaden their knowledge by collaborating with their peers and practicing professionals to cultivate their own work.

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