Place Setting

18 Oct 2013 - 30 Nov 2013

Janet Turville's new exhibition adds a contemporary twist to the Derby Porcelain in the Charles Norman Collection.

‘Place Setting’ is Janet Turville's response to two historic tea services in the Charles Norman Collection. They were produced by Derby Porcelain in the 1790s and were hand painted in a hazed watercolour style depicting rural idyllic scenery.

Janet has spent the summer re-tracing the steps of the two artists who painted the salmon and yellow tea services; the artists were Thomas ‘Jockey’ Hill and George Robertson. They spent the summer travelling around the country in search of landscapes to paint onto cups, saucers, sucriers and teapots.
On the base of each of these items the artists noted the location of each scene. These were the places that led Janet out into an exciting journey through the East Midlands countryside to find 27 of the locations and photograph them as they are today.

Janet found herself in known tourist attractions such as Dovedale and Matlock, at times just in fields and by rivers. Places were often described as ‘near’ a village or town which gave a lot of scope for investigation. In the case of buildings, remarkably some appeared to be of similar appearance to the images, even if they were of modern construction. 

Janet felt the artists had produced a travelogue, which intriguingly remains valid today. She has therefore represented the images for each location as postcards in a film with accompanying artistic images of the area.

For more information on Janet Turville you can visit her website, or read her blog via the links below:

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