Slowly I Found My Way In

This exhibition brings together two artists who both are constantly asking questions about how to represent landscape. Romantic notions of wild ancient spaces are undercut with ideas that instead speak of industrial past, present and futures.

Date: 29 October to 27 November, 2016
Time: 10am - 4pm daily 
Venue: The Courtyard Gallery 

Information about the artists: 

David Ainley
David Ainley’s deceptively simple paintings and drawings are the outcome of lengthy procedural strategies and systems approaches possessing strong metaphorical associations. Conventional perceptions of landscapes and their representation in art are challenged in order to address the frequently unconsidered human labour and industry that have shaped places through quarrying and mining.

Many solo shows have followed his first at Ikon, Birmingham (1966) and he has participated in numerous selected group exhibitions including the Jerwood Drawing Prize (twice) and INGDiscerning Eye. Recent exhibitions have included ‘The Priseman Seabrook Collection of 21st Century British Painting’ (Huddersfield), ‘Contemporary British Abstraction’ (London),  ‘Behind Land: Excavations and Estuaries’ (Hull), ‘Contemporary British Watercolours’ (Maidstone, Antrim & Bideford), ‘Contemporary British Painting’ (Isle of Wight), the London Art Fair, ‘Art-Athina’ (Athens).

Kate Genever

“Ordinary subjects which in their ordinariness are extraordinarily representative” is a line written by John Berger in the book About Looking. It refers to the content of some Paul Strand’s photographs: people, and the land, their doings: how-they-all-go-on-in-the-world-together-stuff. I think this is what I’m interested in – the interconnections between people, land, doings. I make drawings and prints in response.

Kate has had work in exhibitions ranging from the RA Summer Show, the INGDiscerning Eye and British Artshow. She currently has work on show in the Millennium Galleries Sheffield and has recently been awarded a St Hugh’s Foundation Bursary to support this exhibition and a touring show of Lincolnshire Village Halls.

Kate Genever Half Land Half Water 2016 
David Ainley  Rantor 2011