10 Feb 2018 - 07 May 2018

Soundfall features recordings from watery cascades in a variety of locations and sculpted into the stone cliff-face of the Collection’s Sound Wall

Soundfall may be heard daily at the following times:     

10:15am to 10:30am
 2:30pm to   2:45pm
 3:00pm to   3:15pm

Soundfall, commissioned to work with the 'From the Land Henry Moore, Ewen Henderson and other artists' features recordings from watery cascades in a variety of locations, each of which has been carefully sculpted into the stone cliff-face of the Collection’s vast Sound Wall – this lattice of sounds creating the audio illusion of a huge homogenous waterfall. The individual babbling sounds of turbulent water become clearer as the listener approaches the wall and listens to the audio content of some of its dark cavities, emphasising the detailed aspects of soundscape which are sometimes overlooked (or under-heard) when overwhelmed by the more obvious sweeping visual glories of landscape.

In a direct analogy to visual sculpture, Soundfall thus embraces the audio architecture of a waterfall, revealing a variety of sonic “colours”, depending on whether the artwork is experienced on a grand scale at a distance, or on a more intimate scale under closer inspection.

Simon Le Boggit is a multimedia artist living and working in Lincolnshire, UK. Focussing on the distillation of “meaning” from chaos, his recent works have resulted in the creation of abstract or skewed imagery, mesmeric videos, evocative textured walls of sound, and the generation of chaotic algorithmic musical compositions capable of generating moments of “apparent intentionality” (where any melody, harmony and syncopation is a product of chance and the human compulsion to identify patterns). Simon’s works have appeared in exhibitions and festivals throughout of the world including London, Hull, Manchester, Edinburgh, Swansea, Stockholm, Athens, Barcelona, Moscow, Seoul, Vancouver and New York.

Further examples of Simon’s audio-visual artworks may be found on his
Quantum Soup Orchestra website: