The Archaeology For The Frivolous

09 Nov 2013 - 31 Dec 2013

David Kirshner's exhibition interprets the events surrounding a tram incident in St. Petersburg 1915 which has been lost in time.

Kirshner's work is usually a 'commentary' on an artist or period in art history. This usually encompasses the 18th century, the Baroque and Modernism. For this exhibition Kirshner will be focusing on St. Petersburg 1915. As revolutionary fervour reaches breaking point throughout Russia, a group of artists led by Kasimir Malevich and Natalia Goncharova mount an exhibition of their work at 73 Nevsky Prospect under the banner ‘The First Futurism Exhibition, Tramway V’.

The private view for this exhibition was a lively affair, incurring mostly negative comments from critics as the work displayed was futurist; a style which was still disregarded. The title to the show alone encouraged negative attitudes as there is no Tramway in St. Petersburg with that name. This however was the intent of the artists. After the private viewing there was an incident on a tram further along the boulevard. Possible victims and perpetrators have been lost in time, only Malevich’s two drawings survive of the incident.

Kirshner’s exhibition at the Courtyard gallery is both an interpretation and a frivolous commentary on a night when passions ran high, and political events scattered the protagonists around a Europe never to be the same again.

Kirshner uses a variety of media from wood and metal to printing and photography within his work.

In connection with David Kirshner's exhibition there will be a musical performance at The Collection on 29th November at 7.30pm. The performance will feature Rebecca Hewes peforming 'Ligeti Cello Sonata', Colin Dudman performing 'Berg 4 Pieces For Clarinet', David Williams performing 'Stockhausen Piano Piece 9', Katie Warnsby performing 'Berio Sequenza For Voice and 'Crumb The Voice Of The Whale'. 

Tickets cost £10/£5 students and can be booked via calling 01522 519447 or 01522 540121, by emailing or from the venue. Tickets will be available on the door.