Vacant; Sheila and Cliffe, An Anonymous Study of What Remains

08 Sep 2018 - 21 Oct 2018

'Vacant; Sheila and Cliffe, An Anonymous Study of What Remains', an exhibition by the photography collective, 'Nines', opening 8th September until 21st October

"Vacant is the culmination of our work to document a derelict house deep in rural Lincolnshire and the lives that were seemingly abandoned within it. We came to know Sheila and Cliffe, not through personal interaction, but through the articles they had left In their place: photographs, postcards, clothes and paintings. We entered the house expecting to find a few broken windows and peeling paint but we could not have been more wrong; instead, we found ourselves immersed in the ultimate illustrated guide to the lives of two complete strangers, strangers who we came to know and understand, despite having never met them.
For us, Vacant blurs the lines between archeology and social interaction, allowing us a unique opportunity to explore the way that peoples’ lives are documented." by Nines Magazine.

Based in our Courtyard Gallery, closing 21st October.