When Governments Kill

03 Dec 2015

Lincoln Law school at the University of Lincoln and The Collection present an evening of discussion and presentations around this theme

Thursday 3 December from 17:00 to 20:00

The showing of the work July the twelfth, 1984 by Jordan Baseman, which is based on the sound recording of an execution from an American prison has instigated this evening of thought around the politics and legality behind a government taking a life.

This legal context then allows us to discuss the work and the role of art and arts institutions in presenting work of this nature.  How can an arts institution relate to fields of study beyond its own? 



Opportunity to view the exhibition Freedom Lies 


Brief summaries

Introduction -Professor Duncan French-

Dr Graham Melling: right to life as constitutional norm

Professor Matthew Hall: death penalty

Dr Christy Shucksmith: permissible and impermissible killing in time of war

Jordan Baseman; Artist-in-Residence, Lincoln Law School

Ashley Gallant; The voice of the Museum


Open discussion with audience.


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