The schools Investigate programme at The Collection museum is a Sandford Award winner . This is the only national award for quality and excellence in education. 

The award winning Investigate schools programme at The Collection museum presents lively hands-on, cross-curricular workshops based around our unique collection of artefacts.

Workshops can be booked for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. We recommend you book well in advance to ensure you get your ideal visit date.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils can experience object handling through our Big Dig archaeology activity, take staff-led tours of the galleries and make artefact-based crafts to take home.

Talk to a member of the education team to get the most from your visit.

If you are a Key Stage Three & Four teacher wishing to book a visit, we can tailor-make your visit to suit your needs. Contact a member of the education team for details.


Learn more about the Roman invasion from a local perspective. From the arrival of the Ninth Legion to the height of everyday life in Lindum Colonia.



Learn more about the Anglo-Saxons through Big Dig archaeology, view stunning artefacts and make objects to take back to school.



Discover the raiding and trading of Vikings in Lincolnshire. View objects found right here in Lincoln, haggle at the Viking market, and unearth objects in the Big Dig.


Ancient Egypt

Find out about the Ancient Egyptians through unique artefacts. Write hieroglyphic messages on papyrus and make amulet jewellery to take home.


Ancient Greeks

Learn about the Ancient Greeks through real objects. Find out more about the Greco-Persian Wars, take part in a dig and learn about Greek parties.



Discover the fossilized skeleton of a plesiosaur. Find out more about the Jurassic Period with object handling and a visit to the Big Dig.



Our prehistoric workshops can be all-day or (for a single class) half a day. The activities can include a play about prehistoric times, a chance to be an archaeologist digging up prehistoric artefacts, making a replica of the Witham shield and a visit to our prehistoric collection.


Booking your visit

Booking your visit is easy, please contact a member of the education team. To find out how, click more.


Loan boxes

Loan boxes are available for all the subjects we cover. The boxes contain a mixture of real and replica objects for handling and display together with information, photographs and suggested classroom activities supporting Key Stage Two curriculum, but can be used with any age.