Ancient Greeks

Early in 20th Century, local private collectors donated beautiful red and black figure pottery to the museum. Their illustrations reveal fascinating insights into the lives of the Ancient Greeks.

Ancient Greeks Medley all-day workshop

Ideal for two classes, but can be booked for one class or even three. A selection of crafts, object handling and a tour looking at the real objects. If the weather is good we can do the Olympics outside, if not we have a fabulous drama about the Greco-Persian Wars that kids love. 

Ancient Greeks (am or pm)

Learn about how the Ancient Greeks have influenced our every day life through language, democracy, architecture, theatre and the Olympic Games.

Booking your visit

Booking your visit is easy, please contact a member of the education team. To find out how, click more.


Loan boxes

Loan boxes are available for all the subjects we cover. The boxes contain a mixture of real and replica objects for handling and display together with information, photographs and suggested classroom activities supporting Key Stage Two curriculum, but can be used with any age.