The early Anglo-Saxons were buried with their belongings leaving us with a wealth of amazing artefacts. View the facial reconstruction of a female Saxon skull found in Lincoln.

Anglo-Saxon morning or afternoon

Find out about the early Anglo-Saxons through the objects they buried with their dead. This consists of an introductory session followed by two sessions lead by the Investigate team and a craft activity lead by your staff. You can choose two workshops from the following: a visit to the Big Dig, an Anglo-Saxon autopsy (see how archaeologists piece together the past from the objects the Anglo-Saxons buried with their dead), a tour of the Anglo-Saxon artefacts in the gallery and an Anglo-Saxon clothing activity (learn how Anglo-Saxons made their clothes and dress like an Anglo-Saxon). The objects you can make in the craft activity include an Anglo-Saxon helmet, an Anglo-Saxon bead necklace, an Anglo-Saxon comb and an Anglo-Saxon shield.


Anglo-Saxon medley

Ideal for up to three classes. This consists of an introductory session followed by six activities (three workshops and three crafts). The workshops can include the Big Dig, the Anglo-Saxon autopsy, Anglo-Saxon clothing and a play about Aethelred thee Unready. The crafts include making a comb, a shield and an Anglo-Saxon bead necklace.


Booking your visit

Booking your visit is easy, please contact a member of the education team. To find out how, click more.


Loan boxes

Loan boxes are available for all the subjects we cover. The boxes contain a mixture of real and replica objects for handling and display together with information, photographs and suggested classroom activities supporting Key Stage Two curriculum, but can be used with any age.